june, 2017

01jun18:30Let's talk about... Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)


Event Details

  • As you start developing software there is a very fundamental question first: which editor should I use? Choosing the right IDE (Integrated Development Environment) can have a huge impact on your experience of a programming language or environment. There are quite a lot IDEs out there, so which one is best? Which one is the recommended one? And an IDE is not only a code editor; it is also a debugger and usually a whole toolset.

    In our second Meetup „Onwerk Talks“ we will take a closer look at several IDEs, like Atom, Webstorm/PHPStorm, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code and probably others as well. We will compare them by several categories and will give some answers and recommendations: When to use which IDE, what are the debugging capabilities, how many plugins are there, how good can you customize an IDE?

    After the talk we would like to talk with you: What are your experiences with which IDE? What is good, what is maybe not so good? What are your criteria?

    18:30 Arrival

    18:45 Welcome

    18:55 Talk by Martina Kraus: Overview of several IDEs, comparison criteria, advantages and disadvantages of IDEs

    19:30 Open discussion with pizza and beer


(Thursday) 18:30


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